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Stolen-names halo 3 review

2007-09-26 22:19:06 by stolen-name

Hey hey its stolen-name and I'll be reviewing halo 3

Single player:

Alright this is a big improvement over halo CE and halo 2s single player. The levels are huge and have the perfect balance of big fights, small fights, and finding where to go. All the levels run together smoothly and makes you ask for more constantly. Right from the get go you see the beauty of halo 3. Although the character models are lacking, the enviroments are stunning. The campaign only lasts for 7-10 hours but has tons of replayibilty, the 4 player co-op is a blast. The only problem is the arguing of who gets to drive :) . Almost all of the gamers who played halo 2 were dissapointed by the ending. Halo 3 does not dissapointment and it makes you think what could happen next (theres a scene after the credits make sure you watch it!)


This is where the previous installments of halo shine, and this does not dissapoint. The easy to do matchmaking system and party system are back and better then ever. Halo 3 as many diffrent game types for small and large parties alike. If you get bored of doing these game types (probly wont happen) you can make your own gametype or download someone elses in custom matches! This leaves endless possibelities. The maps are extremely balanced, and all have multiple strategies to success. The weapon, vechile, and power up placements are perfect no one side has an advantage. This is qutie possibly the best multiplayer game of all time and will be played for many years to come.

Other stuff:

Saved film- This feature is awesome, ever have an amazing shot and want to see it agian? ever shoot a friend in the face and want to take a screen shot of it? this is the feature you have been waiting for. After any multiplayer game you can save the film and watch over and over agian . The controlls work like a sports game replay function, and you can take screenshots and upload them to bungie.

Forge- In this feature you are god of a map. You have the ability to spawn vechiles, weapons, props, power ups when and where ever you want. Its fun just mess around in maps. Overal it can be very fun but can get boring

Achievements- The achievements in halo 3 are well balanced in single player and multiplayer, on your first run through the game on normal you can get 420 points, from there its beating it on legenedary, killing people in multiplayer in certain ways or with certain guns, and finding skulls. The achievements will keep you playing halo for even longer.

Final thoughts

Amazing game, must buy



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2007-09-26 22:55:00

I haven't heard anything bad about it yet. 'cept for the 12 year olds complains about fanboys


2007-09-27 08:44:36

I like it but I'm still not use to the controls yet,try to reload but I use the bubble shield.