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FAB! and stuff

2007-07-18 13:04:08 by stolen-name

The fab aura is all the rage, we made a club to bad its been locked twice....:(

These blog things are pretty cool. Newgrounds reminds of myspace now with userpages and the ability to upload a personal pic, write blogs, send pms, overall I think its a great idea. Lets just pray they dont make top friends.

Im still a noob at flash and havent even opened the program for a couple months now but hey I might get back into it.


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2007-07-19 01:59:34

Fab for life.

stolen-name responds:

hell yeaz


2007-07-23 15:10:20

Dude, you paid for Flash, might as well learn how to use it.

stolen-name responds:

My friend paid for flash, and gave it to me