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update #1

2007-08-03 12:44:09 by stolen-name

Soccer try outs are starting soon and I havent run at all this summer so that shall be fun. If you havent seen any of the gamer kids episodes I recomand you check em out I had a good laugh. The game based on my favorite xbl arcade game (geomatry wars) is mega addicting so play that when you get a chance.

2 of my friends and I (woot correct gramar) are working on flash, were currently just working on a script and one of them is working on some awesome art work. I will keep you updated on that project!

I leveled up to 14, the hammer looks awesome especially with the blood, I almost have 1,000 posts Ive been a member here and never really posted but after the redesign I have around 500 posts and Im not planning on stopping.

GTA 4 has been delayed untill next year which is a mega bummer, but not that bad since this is a crowded holiday season so far I have to pick up: Madden 08, Bioshock, Assaisns Creed, Halo 3, Mario galaxy, and mass effect. So its kinda a good thing it went to 2008.

Thats all for now, I plan on doing one of these once a week maybe more, please leave some comments!

thanks for reading!


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